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Unleashed Marketing Automation

Automate every repetitive and time-consuming tasks in your business so you can focus on bringing more value to more people.

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[Update] How to get leads with content curation
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article on how to get leads from your content curation. In this article, I've not only improved the process but also shot a video showing you how to deploy this in a step by step process.
How to generate leads just by reading
Could you imagine just reading your regular articles online, marking them as read in your favorite reader (Pocket!) and getting clients for that? Well with this setup this is what happens. I've used a clever combination of Pocket, Zapier, SnipLy, Buffer and a script of my own cooking to do just that!
Consultation bookings for consultants on autopilot
In this article, I'm giving you a peak at the automated process I've built to get consultation bookings on autopilot. The idea behind this is to avoid the hassle of sending emails back and forth to get a suitable date and time, taking care of time difference between countries and available spots in my calendar.
Create Urgency Coupons on Autopilot with WooCommerce’s REST API
In this article, I'll show you exactly how I've set up a Wordpress, ActiveCampaign, Zapier and a custom PHP script to be able to create to urgency and scarcity in relative time for a new subscriber. The idea is to create true urgency to get them to buy your products by generating a limited time discount coupon for them at a specific time.
Create Compelling Video Courses
Do you use video in your courses? I know a lot of people who use text in most communications (email,[...]
Where to host your course’s content?
Do you have videos on your course site? Inserting new types of content into your course can help have a[...]
Thomas Le Coz

About the Author

Thomas is a marketing automation consultant. He spends time building systems working on autopilot to relieve entrepreneurs and businesses from repetitive tasks taking place in their workflow so they can spend more time producing value.

Because it integrates so well with marketing automation, Thomas also works a lot with entrepreneurs who want to teach online, creating and selling online courses. 

Thomas and I had an intensive consultation about setting up my online course platform. He showed me all the workable and practical action plans to set up my site, especially the traffic generation strategies in Facebook and Google!

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