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I see life as a series of experiments and try to make the most out of it.

If something doesn’t fit into the categories above, it might end up on this blog.


The blog is basically where you'll find shorter content and technical writings. The experiments section is made of reports on life experiments I make. They also shape my frameworks. My frameworks are the underlying systems I rely on. I keep them up to date and hope you'll find value in them. Because experiments and frameworks are time consuming to writes, they tend to be slightly outdated and empty categories. Please forgive me :)

Thomas Le Coz

  • I learned English through US TV Series, this is why I swear a lot
  • I love automation: some people might say I'm lazy but I actually work very hard to avoid working repeatedly on the same things.
  • Despite what I like to tell people, I work my ass off (see? TV Series...)
  • I started losing my hair at 18 so now nothing can hurt me, I'm invincible.


First of all, this site acts now as a writing exercise to clarify thoughts and systemize processes. Just like Matt Mullenweg said, "When you can write well, you can think well".

By sharing publicly my thoughts, and especially my frameworks, I also hope to get the equivalent benefits of open-sourcing software: peer reviews and improvements based on community contributions.

Finally, there's a fair amount of fun behind this site and the work it involves.